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Pricing will depend on several factors such as:

  • Type of book: trade, textbook, scholarly, etc. The more difficult or complex the material, the higher the rate.

  • Text density and expected exhaustivity/specificity (or how many terms per page you expect).

  • Number of words (or number of indexable pages with word per page count). This includes notes, appendixes, and other material that is not usually indexed.

  • Deadline or the amount of time I will have to complete the index from the time I receive the proofs to the time the index is due.


Expect that indexing books can take on average from 5-10 pages per hour depending on the above factors, and understand that that does not include editing, revision, or business admin time (though that time is built into the price).


Please note that each project/book will be priced accordingly which means that if I do one book for you at X rate, then the next book will likely be different (higher or lower depending on the details of the project). In other words, please do not expect the same rate for all of your books. There is no set rate as all books are different, and all prices are subject to change based on actual/final word count.

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Due to the highly variable number of words per page, I am providing a general estimate rates range for per word and per 1000 words with the equivalent of rates per page at both 250 words per page and 350 words per page. Again, the actual price quotes will depend on the above factors and can vary greatly for each project. Price ranges are estimates only, and can potentially vary outside of these ranges.*

$0.015/word = $15.00/1000 words = $3.75/page (at 250 words/page) = $5.25/page (at 350 words/page)


$0.02/word = $20.00/1000 words = $5.00/page (at 250 words/page) = $7.00/page (at 350 words/page)


$0.025/word = $25.00/1000 words = $6.25/page (at 250 words/page) = $8.75/page (at 350 words/page)

*For an idea of rates in comparable fields see The Editorial Freelancers Association.

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Indexers work off of final page proofs, usually in the form of PDF files. It is best to contact me 4-6 weeks before the proofs are ready. This allows adequate time to decide the indexing specifications, timetable, cost, etc.


The indexing itself can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks (or 5-20 business days) depending on the type of book, length, complexity, etc. This garners a completed draft index.


The draft is reviewed by you (the author and/or publisher), and then returned to me for final revisions. Please allow 1-2 business days (depending on the extent of the required revisions). Sans minor errors or design issues, it is best that I make required edits so as to ensure the consistency and integrity of the index. Please note that major revisions may include an extra fee (see below).

Dollar Notes

Explanations of Fees

Rush Fee

Rush jobs will be assessed when a project requires more work than is reasonable in a short amount of time. Difficulty level will also be taken into account. This can garner anywhere from a 25%-75% increase in the indexing fee.

Edit Fees

Minor edits are included in the indexing fee. Anything taking over two hours will be billed as an added charge of $50 per hour. If the error is mine, then there is no charge to fix it.

Repagination Fees

It is incredibly important that I receive and work from the text with the final pagination. In the rare event the pagination needs to change either during or after the index is completed, a repagination fee will be assessed. This will depend on the nature of the repagination, but can be quite expensive as it can require another detailed pass at the text.

Late Payment Fee

Payment will be expected within 30 days. Please be aware that a late payment fee of an additional 15 percent will incur on the invoice total.

I am happy to discuss the particulars of your project. To get started, please fill out the attached form:

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