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Indexing Specifications Section

For more detailed information about indexing specifications please click HERE

Style guidelines/Indexing specifications
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Word Count Section

Word Counts: Total (or estimated) indexable word count and/or number of indexable pages plus number of words per page. Notes (end or foot) and appendixes are not usually indexed. If they are to be indexed, be sure to include them in the word counts.

Please Note: the final fee will not be determined until the project is completed. I will have the final estimate when I have the PDF with the final pagination, layout, and indexing specifications. Any further fees will be assessed if they arise, but I will notify you of any such fees immediately and before they are charged (such as late or repagination fees).

The more specific information you submit, the more accurate an estimate I will be able to provide. Please allow 1-3 business days for a quote.

Thanks for submitting!

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